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Geelong Bell-ringers' Club

  • Corporate body
  • 1867 - current

The Geelong Bell-ringers’ Club’s first recorded performance was at a tea meeting at St Paul’s Church in Geelong West in 1867 after having only recently formed. Since their inception, the work of the club members has been ringing out over Geelong during occasions including weekly church services, weddings and Queen’s Birthday celebrations.

The club has also welcomed visiting organisations during its lifetime including the 1883 visit by the Victorian Society of Change-Ringers whose performance was praised by the captain of the club at the time. More recently, current tower captain David Heyes saw a group of elite bell-ringers from England perform a 3 hour peal at St Paul’s in 2011.

There are currently 10 members of the St Paul’s congregation keeping the traditions of the club alive although activities have been placed on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Geelong City Council

  • Corporate body
  • 1849 - 1993

The municipality was incorporated under N.S.W. Act 13, No. 40, October 1849. Geelong was proclaimed a Town on 4 June, 1858. It was proclaimed a City on 8 December 1910 by provisions of Act 54 Vic., No. 1112. Local Government Reform Geelong City was amalgamated with the City of Greater Geelong under the City of Greater Geelong Act 1993 on 18 May 1993. The amalgamation occurred as part of a statewide program of local government reform enacted between 1993 and 1995. The reform process reduced the number of councils from 210 to 78.

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