Série GRS0788 - BANNOCKBURN SHIRE COUNCIL - Contract Registers

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  • 1908 - 1945 (Production)

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(1862 - 1994)

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The District was created on 31 October 1862. It was proclaimed a Shire on 30 June 1864. Bannockburn Shire and the Meredith Shire united on 15 September 1915. Part of the Steiglitz Riding was severed and annexed to Lara Riding of the Corio Shire on 31 May 1916. Local Government Reform 1993-1995 The Fyansford area was annexed to the City of Greater Geelong on 18 May 1993.

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Function / Content This series comprises volumes called Contract Registers. They were created to document contract particulars. The Contract Registers provide a brief summary of contracts entered into by the Council for the provision of goods and services. Under the provisions of Local Government Act 1874 and the subsequent Local Government Acts and the Municipal Accounting Regulations, a local council could enter into contracts with individuals for the execution of any municipal works, or for the furnishing of any goods by giving a notice in a newspaper expressing the purpose of the contract and inviting tender. The requirements for calling tenders does not apply to a contract entered into by a municipality with another municipality, a government department, or a statutory authority. Every contract is required to specify the work to be done, the material to be furnished, the price to be paid for the same, and a completion date. The Council are required to keep Contract Registers to record particulars of all the municipal contract which include: - contract number - name of the contract - description of work and account - successful tender - details of payments - extra, deduction and deposits made Contracts recorded in the register are to be included in a statement of contracts which is incorporated in the Annual Statement of Accounts. The Contract Register is a subsidiary accounting record linked to the summary account contracts in the general fund ledgers which shows the liability of the council for contract work. It is also an important source of reference for the municipal engineer who is required to issue certificates to the Council to the effect that progress payments to contractors are justified by the state of the works. The Register is on important part of the system of internal checks on contract payments. These records have been identified as permanent under class 10.1.4 of the PROV's General Disposal Schedule for Local Government Records (PROS 98/01) Recordkeeping System This series is arranged in an allocated contract number order which by default is also a chronological arrangement. The contract numbering system changed sometime between 1910 and 1913. Initially it was a straight sequential numbering system. It was changed to a two number system with the suffix representing the year in which the contract was registered. The registers are arranged in contract number order which is also the approximate chronological order. The registers are listed to show volume number, range of contract numbers in each unit and date range. If the contract number or approximate date of contract being let is known then the appropriate unit may be selected from the Records Description List. If neither the approximate date of contract nor contract number is known, then the registers may be scanned to reveal the name of the contractor or the subject of the contract.

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VPRS 15089


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