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Crystal Bowl ex The Wreck of the Scammel

Retrieved from the wreck of the Joseph H. Scammell, this cut glass bowl was manufactured by the French business Saint-Louis, which is still operating today. Created in the 'Brilliant' period, items from this time were made of heavy leaded glass, intricately cut with geometric patterns and prisms.

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Portrait of two men, Melbourne, c.1921

Studio portrait of Frank Burdett (1897 - 1971) and his brother. Known to be Hubert Woodward's cousins - mother is Stella Louise Burdett (nee Hopton - sister of Florence Elizabeth Woodward). Frank Burdett's only brother was William Dickson Burdett (1901 - 1983). Photographed by Sa Rony in Melbourne.

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Holdsworth family, c.1900

Three members of the Holdsworth family standing in front of a canvas tent outdoors. Older female identified as Mrs. Holdsworth senior standing next to J.H.B . (John Henry Beard?) Holdsworth. In the foreground is a young boy believed to be Newton Charlton Holdsworth.

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Child by window, c.1914

Front of the card is a drawing of a young child looking through a window out into the night at a possum in a tree. A teddy bear is on the floor beside the child. Verse inside the card reads "Good Wishes, "Possum, Possum, I won't tell What I saw last night! You were in the apple tree No one knows but you and me" A Rent oul…

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Family photo, Telford, c.1925

Photo taken in front of house with family in the garden. Father, seated, Mother, right, and three daughters. Back of photo: Handwritten letter from Telford, dated 12/3/1926, to Isabella Cole from her niece, Minnie. Letter includes information on 'terribly dry' conditions 'up here' and the death of a jersey heifer.

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Plane Tree Avenue, Botanic Park, Adelaide, n.d.

Postcard of plane trees in full leaf along the right side of a shaded path, with smaller bushes and eucalypts along the left side. A man is seated on a bench under the plane trees. Reverse side: South Australia Postcard with map of Australia prior to the establishment of Northern Territory. Instructions for writing addresses and correspondence for Commonwealth countries, and prices of postage included.

Gilseal Service photo wallet, c.1930

Opening photo wallet of two internal side pockets, stitched together at top and bottom. Front cover advertising Kodak Prints from Gilseal Service Developing and printing in red, black and beige. Including Gilseal seal from Federated Pharmaceutical Service Guild of Australia. Inner pockets advertising Kodak Verichrome Film, Super-XX Film and Special Panchromatic Service. Back cover in red, black and beige advertising Kodak Films, made in Australia.

Parish Paper of St Paul's Anglican Church, Geelong, Volume III, No 25, June 1945

Parish paper from the Vicar of St Paul's Anglican Church, The Reverend Edward Griffith of 36 Western Beach, Geelong, phone 1698. The Parish Paper is A3 sized paper folded widthways to create 4 pages. Includes: the Vicar's letter; GFS notes, notice to parishioners; confidences, Mothers' Union notes; Tennis Club report; Sunday School notes; Girl Guide notes; C.E.B.S notes; servers' roster; Church Missionary Society information; Christian burials, including a brief eulogy for William Walton, aged 76; Holy Baptisms; donations; Ladies' Guild notes; A.B.M. notes; The Empty Pew, A Tragedy in Four Acts.

English Woman's Weekly Dream Book, n.d.

English Woman's Weekly Dream book is a 24 page pamphlet, with missing cover, with drawing and printed text. The subtitle reads "The meaning of our everyday dreams as interpreted for thousands of years by seers and wise men of east and west." Dreams are listed in alphabetical order with meanings and interpretations described.

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