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Crystal Bowl ex The Wreck of the Scammel

Retrieved from the wreck of the Joseph H. Scammell, this cut glass bowl was manufactured by the French business Saint-Louis, which is still operating today. Created in the 'Brilliant' period, items from this time were made of heavy leaded glass, intricately cut with geometric patterns and prisms.


Willow cake tin, c.1915

Label inside tin reads 'Used in WW1, possibly more useful then.
These tins were made specifically so that a fruit cake could be baked
in the bottom section in the usual way; then, when cold, the lid was
put on, and the whole tin wrapped in calico and sewn up securely.
It was addressed to the soldier or sailor or airman who would share
it with his mates when he received it (in return for theirs when
they did.) In tropical areas they were often mouldy by the time
the troops received them (during WW2) so was not the most
popular item they were sent!!'